Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone
Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone

Section 1: Noble Team

You start this level with a 600 ammunition attack rifle and a 70 ammunition magnum. You are riding in a bird of prey with Carter and Jun and land on top of a slope to explore a trouble reference point underneath. This pain guide is phony, made by pledge powers as a snare. On the off chance that you run down the slope, you will find an imperceptible Elite spec operations getting away from the scene, in all likelihood the person who made the snare. It won't go after you regardless of whether took shots at, and will vanish subsequent to crossing the extension. On the off chance that you kill this Elite, it will drop an information cushion which contains data about pledge glassing.

Subsequent to arriving at the trouble reference point and conceivably killing the Elite spec operations, push ahead down the way to one side. Follow the way through a structure, where you will come to one more structure with three ranchers. Jorge will converse with these ranchers, and they will caution you of "something in the fields." Continue following the way to one side, where you will ultimately come to a cultivating working with pledge outside. This region is the "Viewpoint" firefight mission. You will find a Skirmisher major with a needle rifle on top of the structure to one side. When it sees you, the Skirmisher calls for reinforcement. This triggers seven typical Grunts, one Grunt ultra, and three Skirmisher minors with needlers to move in and assault. The three Skirmisher minors run into the storm cellar under you, however the Grunts and the post stay outside. Kill the Skirmisher major and the Grunts through the window with your magnum while utilizing the divider close to the windows as cover. Then, drop down the steps into the storm cellar to polish off the Skirmishers. When you leave the structure, two banshees will go after Jun's hawk, yet they don't represent a danger to you. Trade your attack rifle for one of the Grunt's plasma guns prior to leaving.

Push ahead into the ranch and out the doors, where you will find a Grunt minor and a Grunt ultra whom you ought to kill with magnum headshots. When you arrive at the scaffold, a ghost will drop six     300 blackout ammo for sale  typical Grunts, one Grunt ultra, and three Skirmisher studies the stones on the opposite side of the extension. Trust that the ghost will leave, then cross the scaffold and utilize one of the enormous rocks as cover. Kill each of the foes with magnum headshots, climbing to new shakes as cover if fundamental.

When you kill these foes and cross the stream, you will track down four Grunts, and Elite major, three Elite ultras, and an Elite general with a blackout rifle. First kill the Grunts with your magnum by involving the huge stone before the tree as cover. Then, at that point, move in reverse and into the structure to one side. This building will give you great cover from the Elites. While the majority of the Elites are zeroing in on different Spartans, leave the structure and eliminate one of the Elite's safeguards with a cheated plasma gun fired. Immediately kill them with a magnum headshot before their partners harm you, then quickly venture once more into the structure to stay away from foe shoot. Rehash this strategy to kill the Elites as a whole, including the general. Subsequent to killing the last Elite, snatch a new plasma gun from one of the Grunts bodies, push ahead towards the little precipice to one side, and hop down to enter the following convention point.

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