Collated Screws – Use For A Commercial Screw Gun
Collated Screws – Use For A Commercial Screw Gun

If you have never heard of them before, then the attached screws are connectors, but they are the ones that do not fit in the box, but go through the plastic strips instead. They actually come with a plastic strap with a double-stranded chamfered plastic collar, which ensures easy and efficient release of the integrated screws.

Taking a step back the integrated screws come on these useful plastic belts for use with commercial screw guns. Just make no mistake these power tools are not at all the same as a high-performance screwdriver that you can use at home.

Fully targeted at commercial professionals or used in 6.5 creedmoor ammo businesses. They are not cheap and even if you do a lot of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects you probably wouldn't be able to authorize them to buy them.

These screw guns are electric motors that allow you to shoot the screw after entry, setting it down as an example. However by using screws attached to the plastic straps there is no need to hold each one with one hand and a cordless screwdriver in the other, then we have to reach the box and get the other one over and over again.

Once one screw is inserted into the belt it goes up and quotes the next in front of the screwdriver head, pull the trigger and up the next one ready for installation. This means they can be placed on the ground. or a wall on a scale that most DIY people can understand.

Unlike a standard wireless screwdriver the screwdriver's head goes up and down between each screw insert, away from the belt with each pull of the screw to allow the belt to go up unhindered to introduce the next screw to be inserted. You can also set the torque level on them as a standard wireless screw.

If you happen to find yourself having a great DIY home project where you think it would be beneficial to use a screwdriver with integrated screws, then go to your local store and hire it. However if you are going to use it a lot during the weekend, then look at the prices of integrated screws online when you buy them from a rented store, as they will be more expensive online and online providers are likely to manage their range.

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